Friday, December 05, 2014


This is my mathletics. I worked really hard on and you would be suprised how many times I mucked up, but I kept persevering and this was my end result. I hope you like it.


This is my mathletics. I worked really hard on and you would be suprised how many times I mucked up, but I kept persevering and this was my end result. I hope you like it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walkie Talkie Advertising

This is my Persuasive writing video. The video is to persuade you to choose television over the internet. I am persuading you about walkie talkies.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Minions Prompt

WALT punctuate speech correctly

  • ‘speech marks’ at the start and end of each talking part

  • new line (enter) when the speaker changes

  • comma, exclamation mark, question mark before the closing speech mark

  • comma before person talks, if it comes after the information of who’s talking

It all started one Saturday afternoon when, well, everything seemed normal. At exactly 2:23 there was knock on my door. Very funny laughs came from outside, I opened the door. There were short funny looking yellow things, on the doorstep to be precise.

"Hello, how can I help you," I said looking at them with great interest. The one with one eye replied,

"We are minions we do your housework and anything else you wish, but for only one  week. " Confused, I invited them in I sat down on the the sofa and they lined up seven minions. That's what they called themselves. I said " Take me to Paris." And that they did so. They grabbed me and my money and dragged me to the airport, and got us a plane to Paris. Can you guess how many seats we got? "yes," we got nine, apparently money needs a seat. When we were waiting for the flight I asked them their names. They lined up yet again. The one that spoke at the front door said,

" Hello my name is Bob and I like ice cream," he said cheekily. The second one was quite shy and whispered it, Bob sighed "Frank, why do you have to be so shy, well anyway that's Frank." Suddenly there was a yellow flying thing coming at my face

" Hello it said I'm BooBoo I am a baby minion, I like keeping people company."

" Right ,"I said " Who's next " I asked. Two minions spoke "We are Steve and Dude and we are twins".  Almost after the twins finished talking another minion started.

"I am Bill and I only work on Saturday," Bill said. There was one more funny looking one he said " Hello I am Sunday and I only work on Wednesday."

When we arrived in Paris I was so tired. Do you know how much minions talk? It was horrible. It was late when we arrived so we went straight to our hotel. But soon enough it was morning and the minions wanted to go bungy jumping of the Eiffel Tower. But before they realised anything else, the twins yelled "I want breakfast." So for breakfast we had bananas and ice cream because that's minions' favourite food. An hour later we were up the the Eiffel tower. I thought they meant to do what I wanted to do and do my chores, not what they wanted. As I said earlier they wanted to go bungy jumping they even brought their own ropes. The were harnessed up in no time. I don't even think you're allowed to jump off. But anyway 3,2,1 and they were gone. Well anyway you don't want to know what happened during the week. I will save it for a another time.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chocolate Challenge

A chocolate factory is wanting a new design for their chocolate box.  Each box is to hold 64 chocolates and needs to be snug fitting so the chocolates do not move or get squashed.  The chocolates are able to be stacked one on top of another.  You are only going to be given 5 bits of chocolate while you are creating your container.

You are to design a net first, measure accurately. 

20 x 20 x 3 = 1200cm2
32 chocolates on the bottom. 8 x 4 chocolates on each layer

Statistics Vocabulary

Statistics: Gathering infomation and making sense of it in a mathmatical way.
Mean: To get mean you have to add all the numbers together and then you have to divide by how many numbers or people. Another word for mean is average.
Mode: The most common piece of data.
Medain: The Medain is the middle piece of data.
Range: The Interval between two numbers

The Best Part Of Me

My eyes

They float away to another world when I sleep
When I wake up they are dazy and sleepy
They help me see
They help me do
The chores I occasionally do

They shimmer in the sun
They grow bigger than my belly when they see a pink bun
They see in the dark 
They see in the light 
What's not to like about my incredble eyes

They get me around corners    
They get me a'bout 
They get me up mountains
They get me down trees
They let me see animals
They give me me mind blowing views
My eyes led to my incredible friends 

Hazel Brown maybe the the colour of my eyes
But the colour does not matter to me 
All I want is too see beyond the meadows and seas
And the city's and the towns 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Calendar Art

Step right up to this amazing opportunity. It's for a short time only. So come down and buy your newst calendar.

Calendar art time is finally here. I can't believe that it is almost the end of the year already. For our  Calendar art this year we had to do a scene with three different bits. I did bushes at the bottom, the sea in the middle and the hills of the seven whales in the background. We had to draw it in our art books first. After that we did our good copy that would be stuck onto our calendar sheet. I am very happy with my calendar art. I put the kiwi on there becuase it is a famous New Zealand bird and it is a very beautiful bird.
I have edited my art since the one above. I have taken the kiwi from the middle. Made a new bigger kiwi and stuck it in the corner. The reason I put in on the side was becuase Ezra's mum Adele is a really good artist and she came in and talked composition. After we went and carried on and improved our art I went up to her and she suggested to take the original kiwi off and make it bigger and move it to the left side. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Retell Of The Legend Of The Seven Whales

The seven whales.

Where the water phosphorescence and the days shimmered by, in the deep, swam the almighty seven whales. Watching from a distance was the mighty Tohunga. He is so powerful, that people were afraid to even whisper his name. 

A light so bright shone on the glimmering, turquoise sea and the sand shone as gold as glowstone. The whales names were Tahutoria, Takitaki, Korito, Onepoto, Iwitea and Tuhara. But in their tribe was their lazy baby brother, Hikunui. They all liked to get information from all different species. From all different parts of the glimmering sea. But one thing they need to remember was that they need to be out before sunrise.

Tahutoria likes to catch up with the other whales. They speak of different Tohunga throughout the seas. Takitaki liked to catch up with the dolphins. As the dance around in the shimmering crystal clear waters of Tangaroa. They speak of different tribes. Korito likes to hang out with sharks. They speak of war and destruction. 

Onepoto loves to catch up with the sword fish. They are cheeky little things that like to roam around in the sea, and they speak of the warmth and light. As you know, they love their sword fighting. Iwitea always heads down to see the old grumbly groper and catch up with some Dozy John Dory. They are some really lazy things. Tuhura went to the crystal clear sands and bathed with the snapper and sometimes if he was lucky, found the Silver frost fish. Hikunui was the laziest of them, all he ever did was float around in the kelp.

When it was cold and dark, the whales dozed to sleep during night. Everyone, apart from Hikunui. He was awake all bright, nearly for the whole night. But this upset his brothers a little. They were all tired and wanted to get to sleep. Hikunui thought it was scary seeing his brothers angry at night so he tried to go to sleep.

As dawn passed by and all the whales swam back to their parts of the ocean, Tahotoria looked around frantically to ask if Takitaki or Korito had seen Hikunui earlier in the day. Onepoto heard him and span around but only Iwitea and Tuhura could be seen swimming out from Waiatai.

A gust of wind whistled through the air and the climate changed. Then from the depths of the sea, appeared the mighty Tohunga. He looked straight into the whales fearful eye. The whales had always feared him and in a blink of an eye the Tohunga cursed the seven most frightened whales into hills. And to this following day, you can see them around just east of Wairoa. Turned into hills. As for Hikunui well, he won't be waking up anytime soon. 


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Production Diary

This is my production diary for the production.
Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Monday, September 08, 2014

Production Reflection

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was myself,  because I spoke clear lines and thought my expression was good.
I really enjoyed learning my lines because it was fun and challenging. But once they were in my head they were there to stay.

Something I found hard was the first show because you had not performed to adults and it was the first time. It was very overwhelming.
Something that made me think was who was before me and after me for the lines. But after I knew who came after and before me, it was easy 
Something I want to get better at is more actions when I am saying my lines like using my hands.

My favourite part of the production was the seven whales when the dolphins did their dance because they were all in time and it was so fun to watch them.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from my mum and dad . They said to me that “ I was amazing and that I should become a actor"         

Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Friend

These two poems are this week's poems. The one on the right is the poem I made up based on the poem "A Friend... " on the left.

A friend 
A friend 
A friend is kind and caring
But when you’re not your best
And when you're hair is in a nest
They won't laugh they will say gosh you look good today
When you feel like a chat you just dial up their number and you can chat chat chat just like that

Friends are always there for when you're feeling blue 
When your friends are around and you don't know what to do how about you go to the zoo
A friend is always there when you need them most
A friend will always come when you toast marshmallows 

A friend will give you surprises when you feel blue 
They will lend you a hand when you are covered in glue 
A friend will never doubt you
They will always believe you
A friend is always there.

By Matilda 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Production Diary 1

Wednesday the 27th of August 
Dear Diary 
I can not believe that we performed to the school before we went on I was so nervous I thought I was going to muck up. But I did not muck up. The lighting was really cool the strobe light is by far on of the coolest light. My mike I had was good exept for when I did not realise that it was on and I called to Miss Hill and it came out on the speaker after that I made sure it was turned off. 

Just thinking about tonight makes me nervous. What if I muck up ? What if I forget my lines ? I am telling myself I won't forget them but it's not working. There will be so many faces staring at you just thinking about it sames scary.

Monday, August 25, 2014

When The Chairlift Broke

Zooming down the steepest bit I skied along the flat slope at top speed, I skied into the lanes and met up with my cousin Gabriella. We skied over to the T-bar this time in front of Mat and Fleur. We went up. It felt like we were going to fall off bump "arr" what was that ohh good it was only a rock. As we went up the big hill I almost fell off backwards, we pulled with all our might so we did not go flying off. When we were at the top I skied off perfectly I changed sides quickly though because I was on the wrong one. As Fleur and Mat got to the top shivering Mat said " He would meet us at the bottom" I Zoomed off first, But I was soon overtaken by Gabby. There was this little girl in front of me going so slow and I and could not get pass.

Eventually I made it to the chairlift Gabby was already halfway to the front so Fleur and I skied smoothly over to her and took our skis off. The chairlift stopped working for a few minutes then someone came out and said one of the chairs on the chairlift was having problems and they are taking it off at the other end, There will be a ten - fifteen minute wait. Gabby immediately said she was skiing down the mountain Fleur and I were not sking down. We started this debate. I said "what if one of us gets hurt what will we do then" She replied "one of us will stay with the person that's hurt and one will go get help", "we don't know the weather or how steep we do not know where to go" said Fleur. "Well I do" said Gabby. "No you don't I said we have never skied down it" Gabby said "I will go and see how the weather is " she came back and said the weather is foggy but still it will be fine lets go". Before she could do anything Fleur and I grabbed her skis. She tryed to get her skis back but we did not let her she came right to my face and said "Give them back" with very cross voice I hit her so softly we all cracked into hysterically laughter. She offered us a mint we said yes.

The same person came out and told us that ski patrol was coming to take confident skiers down the mountain and also the cafe was open to go and sit down in the warm. Gabby instantly said I am sking down with ski patrol and soon they arrived and told us what was happening. I slowly and eventually started crying. A man said let's get you to ski patrol a lady said are you girls by yourselves we said "yes". She said borrow my cellphone but as she started getting it out of her pocket the chairlift started working again. The lady took us up to the front and said these girls are by them selfs they put us on the chairlift immediately.

The chairlift ran smoothly out of the station and picked up speed so fast we all gave a little scream. It carried on for another minute them stopped what was that it was too foggy to see anything. We hoped we were not going to be stuck again but off the ground. We kept a look out for the missing chair it was unlucky number nine. Gabby said seven eight nine for in simpler words seven ate nine. Overall it was so scary.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skype Call From The Commonwealth Games Village

Today Cameron's uncle Craig Palmer talked to us on skype from the Commonwealth Games village over in Glasgow. We asked him questions about the commonwealth games I did not get to ask mine because there were no athletes and it was for the athletes. Mine was how many competitions have you been? There were loads of questions and someone asked How many New Zealand athletes are at the Commonwealth Games? There are around about 320 NZ athletes. Craig's job is a cycling scientist, Craig is over there with cyclists competing at the Commonwealth games. Craig's first Commonwealth Games was in Melbourne, in 2006. Altogether Craig has been to three Commonwealth Games. 

The velodrome track they compete on is 250m there is a very steep bank and you have to be biking very fast to get around it. The bikes cyclists use at the Commonwealth Games are very light so they can bike faster. These are the sports in the Commonwealth Games are squash, gymnastics artistics, rugby sevens, diving, powerlifting, badminton, netball, shot put, athletics, table tennis, cycling, triathlon, shooting, lawn bowls, hockey, wrestling, judo, boxing, swimming, gymnastics rhythmic and weight lifting. Craig got the Commonwealth Games mascot. It is so cool, I wish I could have one!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Imaginary Trip to Mars!

This is my imaginary trip to Mars. If I really went I would be living there forever.
Write an imaginary story about your trip to Mars
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria
Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
Paragraph groups of ideas
Some complex sentences 
Use of topic words from space
Imagination and excitement!

I  am so nervous never seeing my family again. That's normally a child's worst nightmare. Not so much for me I am so excited, but I do have little jitters. Although I will be quite sad. I did not know what to take at first I put all my prized possessions in and most of my clothes. We were three months through the flight I was thinking hard what Mars will really look and feel like. Every day I thought hard about my parents, I was sure they would be missing me. It helped when I did my fitness I just thought hard about getting all my muscles working and keeping fit. When it came to food time I was always ready and enthusiastic to try new foods, that's if there was any. Don't get me started sleeping is the worst part especially when it is bumpy you just shake and sometimes you bang your head. Honestly some days I do not get any sleep. Then I just sleep all day. It's much harder to know when you go to bed because it's basically dark all day.

A few more months went by then we started our descents into mars. As always I would just stop and stare and think about life on Mars. Just then it appeared outside the spacecraft. OMG I can not wait. I went and asked how long it would be until we were there they said about 2 and half days. That was not that long I thought to myself but then it hit I just bursted into tears. Never going to see my family. I was a brave wreck, I wiped my tears away and went and sat down. My mind flickered with amazing ideas like I am going to see the Mars rover, there might even be life that we discover. Maybe I will meet a new friend. All there's ideas made me fall asleep without even being strapped so I would not float around. I woke up with a jump and looked out my window there was little rocks flying everywhere I was so scared. What is happening to me, I am going to die. I made my way to where the other crew were well where Tracey and Maia were anyway. They said we were heading through a bumpy patch. Well I knew that was not quite true there were  rocks flying from every direction.

 I went and sat down strapped myself up tight with the seatbelt and whimpered I was so scared. But I did understand it was all what the plan had said. They can not do anything if the spacecraft crashes we are to far away to do anything. Kyra walked over to me and asked what was happening I shrugged and said I did not know. After at least 6 hours of rocks flying everywhere it calmed and we were able to sleep. The spacecraft was set on cruise and us four all headed to bed. Maia did not sleep she just sat gazing out one of the windows. Slowly I drifted over to her we sat there huddled together and we just slowly drifted off to sleep. We must of been sleeping for at least 15 hours. We moved quite a lot but we still did not wake up. I opened my eyes to see Tracey and Kyra were already up but Maia was still asleep. 

I walked into the kitchen area and there they were. They told me something I can not even tell you until it happens you will see. We all hid, Maia walked out we jumped and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIA. She screamed for delight we also have another birthday surprise close your eyes and come over here, we walked her over to the window she opened her eyes and screamed. We are on mars over and over. We got our special space suits on and headed to the exit. Since it was Maias birthday she went first, I went second, Kyra third and Tracey fourth. We all screamed inside our space suits and took silly photos. Then Kyra spotted the Mars rover, we went over to it was not that big though. But it was big enough I gathered some rocks and dirt. Slowly and happily we walked back to the spacecraft plugged the camera thing in and it send them backs to NASAs base back on earth I put the rocks and dirt in a container and went and got changed.

Home Links

This is my home links for week 8.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How the sun has Impact on us?

Writing Purpose: Explain How or Why
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria

Title which asks a question about the topic
Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
Introduction links to conclusion
Paragraph groups of sentences
Cause and effect (because, if, so, as a result, then...)
Key topic words

How the sun had Impact on us?
Have you ever wondered how the sun has an impact on us? Well you will soon find out. The sun is one of the most important things ever. We would be dead without it.
The sun as a massive impact on us because if there was no sun we would be dead but if there was no atmosphere we would also be dead. The sun has impact on a lot of things plants and plenty of other things including us. If there was no sun, the plants would not grow because, they need water and sunlight. Even though the sun is a dwarf star, it is close to us enough to keep our planet spinning every day. 

Our sun is a fiery gas ball but it contains heat that beams down on us. The beams would be much hotter if we did not have our atmosphere. Did you know the sun has impact on the moon? The moon shines down when the sun is not facing us so there is light up in the night sky. The moon gets it's brightness from the sun because, the sun shines on to the moon and the light reflects down onto earth. Some houses are solar powered so if the sun stopped working they would have no power. Our sun is a massive chunk of our planet. It keeps us living. The sun beats down on us and gives us everything we need. 

This is how the sun has impact on us. The sun is a key thing in a humans life cycle as well as plants and trees. The sun is a massive part of peoples lives.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Matariki Art

This is my Matariki art. We based it off this..

The rising of Matariki 
Mā te whetūrangi o Matariki, e tiaki mai, e manaaki mai I a koe,
I a koutou rānei, mō te tau e taka mai ana

In English 
May the gentle light of Matariki guide and inspire you all this year.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Milky Ways/Galaxies

WALT take effective notes

My Topic: Milky Way/ Galaxies

Key Words:
Elliptical, hydrogen, Lenticular galaxies, irregular galaxies 

Interesting Facts: A Galaxie is a massive group of stars.
The Greek word galaxies means milky.
There could be 180 billion galaxies.
In a Huge galaxy there could be up to 10 trillion stars.
Our galaxie contains about 400 billion stars.
The largest local galaxie is the Andromedd.
Gravity can pull galaxies into new shapes
Any new questions I have:
How have they discovered it is spiral? What if it is not.
How come they called it the Milky Way?
Why do people call it spilled milk?
How come the Milky Way has so many planets and stars in it.
Is there a black hole in the centre of the Milky Way? 
If there is a black hole is the centre of the Milky Way? Where does it take you?
Who decided it would be called the Milky Way?
How big is the Milky Way in diameter?
What is the Milky Way made out of? 
Does the Milky Way have a atmosphere?
Is there any other planets that have life on the? 
Is there something else in the Milky Way that is not a moon, star or a planet?
Who started the saying it looks like spilled milk?
How was the Milky Way created?
Who found out we were in the Milky Way?
Why do they think we are in the Milky Way? What if we are not?
Does the Milky Way move around or does it stay still?
How come you can not see other galaxy's they are so big?
In comparison what would be the Milky Way and what would we be a sand speck or and the Milky Way a tennis ball?
Do any other planets in the Milky Way have gravity?
Could you get passed the black hole or portal.
How did there get to be so many stars and planets in the night sky
How many galaxies have we actually found out about? 

Texts I have used (includes websites, videos, multimedia):
I have used the doc Mr M shared with us and
 Wikipedia on the Milky Way.
Click here to go to page 
Stellar Populations and galactic evolution 
Size and shape of the Milky Way 
Visual charaacteristics of the Milky Way 

My Big question is......
How does the Milky Way work?

Middle of the year reflection

Matilda's Midyear Reflection from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
This is my middle of my year reflection going in my report.

Something I found challenging was the young leader mud run sort of thing because there were three activities. The one I found most challenging was the walking upstream in a little river, at some parts of it, it would be up to my shoulder.

Something's I am proud of is getting to the top on all the rocks walls at Flax Rock because I was determined to complete them all and I did.

Something also I am proud of is my maths because I have made a massive improvement this year and I made it into extension maths.

Something I  found Interesting was Green Team because we look after the environment and plant seeds it is really fun as well as Interesting.

Something I enjoyed doing is sport because they are all fun and challenging this year I have learnt how to play rugby and canoe polo, I also made it to inter school swimming but it was cancelled because of bad whether.

I enjoyed going on the Waka because before I went on it  I had so many nerves and after I came off it I had none.

Something I learnt was how to clean a fish tank. So when I get fish I will be an expert. I also write the posts up for fish n' chips blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How hot is the sun?

How hot is the sun.
The sun is 93 million miles away.
The hottest part of the sun is the core it gets up to 27 million Fahrenheit. In celsius that is 14999982.2 degrees.
Does the sun spin in a matter of fact it does it spins quite fast here is a photo of it spinning.

We also had to read these facts sort of thing after we did that. We had to play some games they were really fun. There was this one when there were some words and you had to match them. There were 5 words. There was one I had a rough idea of so I tried it and it was right. I was so pleased.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This is my genius hour. Its questions about gymnastics and their answers.

Holt Planetarium Visit

Monday 16 June 2014

Something I enjoyed was that when the sky is darker you see more stars 

because I actually never knew there were faint stars that can only be seen by telescopes and dark sky's.

Something I found interesting was using a yoyo in space

 because since there was no gravity and it just came back to you, I found that fascinating 

The most exciting thing about space is there is millions of planets out there.

because it would be really cool if there was life on another planet.

I would like to learn more about Milky Way becuase I have always found it interesting. Why is it spiral?

“How do stars in the universe have an impact impact on us?”
I want the rest of my inquiry topic to be about: The Milky Way becuase  I have heard so much about it and it will be interesting to learn about for starters why is it spiral.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Video Star

Unconditionally from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
This is our video star. Maia, Kyra, Rosie, Tracey and I created this together.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summarising 3-2-1

Topic: Fast Rust 

3 Things I learned
That you need iron ,water and oxygen from the air around us, or certain metals to create rust.
Rust crumbles as your touch it.
Steel rusts faster of slower in different environments.

2 Interesting Facts
The Auckland harbour bridge has been called one of aucklands biggest paint jobs. Three coats of paint of paint stop the 6000 tones of steel. This paint lasts about four years depending on the weather.

Rust can eat iron away just with water and oxygen 

1 Question I have
Why do people think rust is bad?  When other people like rust?

Ruth Pretty

 This is Ruth Pretty she is a famous chef.
My mum had a course with her in Wellington so I had to go, since it was the weekend of Annie the musical. She served some yummy dishes. I was her taste tester with two other ladies. Before I became her taste tester I got to try two things and they were roasted Sichuan pepper salt with squid and Baked camebart with tomato chilli jam, toasted peanuts and coriander. When I was her taste tester there was black olive tapenade, black olive and Parmesan rugelach, salmon roll with sour cream inside, lamb meatballs, quinoa cranberry salad and prawns. For the desert dishes there was cream brûlée and salted carmel tarts. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Waka ride

This is my story about the Waka ride. I actually can not believe that I went on it.

Waka - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Minecraft Park

Matilda's Minecraft Park from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
This is my minecraft park. We had to do it for homework, we also had to figure out all the measurements. One minecraft  brick is a meter squared.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

KWL Stars

Topic: STARS How do stars in the universe have an impact on us?
We are learning to explore, investigate, question and develop explanations.
K What I know...
W What I want to know...  ?
L What I learnt...
The sun is a small star and the closest.
There is over 8 million stars in our galaxy.
Exploding stars are called supernovas.
Stars are all different colours depending on how hot they are.
Some exploding stars can turn into black holes
Mosts stars are based around the age 1 to 10 billion years old.
Stars are held together by their own gravity.
The sun is classified a dwarf star
Why stars are called stars?
How stars made out of?
What is the biggest star?
Stars are called star because from earth they look like the shape star.
Stars are mainly made out of hydrogen and helium
The biggest star known is vy canis majoris

My Learning

This is my learning about what we we liked about all the subjects. We also had to share this at interviews yesterday.

Something I enjoyed was I got a chance to share my learning with my family.
Something I want to learn is to sit still and improve my reading.
Something I am proud of is my turbulence writing because it is a great descriptive piece of writing.
Something I was happy about was that I got share my learning with my family.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Fortune Favours The Bold
Mr Browns December Precept. Precept from the book Wonder!

Yay! I cant wait to see Mum, Pippi and Oscar and guess what, we were going on the hobbit plane. But then I am sad because I am leaving London. Excitedly Dad and I boarded the plane first passenger on. My seat was so comfy. It took forever to take off because there was so many planes that wanted to take off and land it must of took at least 20 minutes. Broom! Broom! we speed off down the runway and into the air, take off must be my worst part. Then my ears popped! Once we were at our altitude we were going to fly at. The safety video came on and interrupted my movie, I was watching. Dad offered to put my seat back into a bed but I said no because I won’t be able to sleep and I found it uncomfy. I went to sleep in a flash, soon enough I was awake.

I woke suddenly to find that the plane was shaking it was so scary I tried not to cry it was so hard not to it was like the plane was going to crash. I was shaking all over, I kept tapping dads leg till he woke up. The pilot said that the stewarts and hostesses have to take their seats. That was a good choice because they would off just kept falling over. Every little bump we must have been falling 3 metres and then regained. Dad was scared deep down but he did not show it. This happened for 20 nonstop scary minutes. Lucky enough we were flying over Greenland, at least we were on land. In the middle it stopped for about 2 minutes then I tried to get back to sleep but then there was a massive bump and I jumped. Then it continued it was like it was going to crash and at last the pilots said that the flight crew could get up and walk around.

When it was all over I was so glad and so happy the plane did not crash. Kindly a hostess came over to me and asked if I was alright but she also said that was the worst turbulence she had had in three years her whole flight crew experience, thats how bad it was. That made me feel even more scared. That I have witnessed very very bad turbulence. My dad told the hostess that he is not going to be able to get on the next plane from LA to Auckland. Basically I did not sleep a wink the rest of the flight, I might of dozed off for a little while and then woke up with a jump. Overall I was happy that I choose to keep my seat up. Across the aisle from me was the prime minister of Samoa throughout the whole turbulence he did not move a muscle.

What good came out of the flight, that the plane did not crash. Also I had to trust the pilots and lucky enough it paid off. I am proud that I got through it without crying but I was whimpering, quite loudly.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cool Beans Poem

I am Awesome Beans.
Always smiley, I am Happy Beans.
Happy and bright, I am Skippy Beans.
Sliding on a rainbow, I am Rainbow Beans.
Jumping around being silly, I am Crazy Beans.
I stole the biscuits, I am Giggly Beans.
Teasing my brother, I am Annoying Beans.
Quick before they notice, I am Cheeky Beans.
Cartwheels,Walkover, I am Gymnastics Beans.
Cooking on the stove, I am Baked Beans.
Wet and dripping, I am Swimming Beans.
All hot and bothered, I am Red Beans.
Orange is yummy, I am Jelly Beans.
The sun is boiling, I am Yellow Beans.
Chilling in the grass, I am Green Beans.
Raining it's pouring, I am Blue Beans.
The Princess Dress, I am Purple Beans.
Last, I am Cool Beans.
Based on the phrase from wonder.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Space padlet

Created with Padlet
This is my space padlet for my homework. We are learning about space and here is some awesome facts about the stars 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aliens Exist

Aliens Exist / Aliens Don’t Exist

I believe that aliens exist because there are 1.8 billion planets out there. There is a high chance that there will be at least one because there are so many planets. Our galaxy is so big there could be heaps out there rather than one with living things on them.

First of all, I know in 1969 there was sighting from the first spacecraft of a L-shaped thing fly alongside there spacecraft. The first people to see this were the first people also on the moon, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.

Second of all, I think they don’t want to come here because they have seen our weapons and  they don't want to get killed. I think that is sensible because I would not want to come to another planet and want to killed. But that is just my opinion.  

Third of all, Why would people put aliens in movies if they were not real? We would not even know about them. That means if they are in movies someone must have seen one.

I think they exist, but a lot of people don’t. This piece of writing is why, I think they are real.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Sister

This is my poem from ages ago, we had to create a poem about someone in our family. I chose my little sister and that is what my sister is in the poem.

Colour In The Week

Colour In The Week

Monday is orange, Not getting ready.

Tuesday is red,  frantic and busy

Wednesday Is black, Scram otherwise we will be late.

Thursday is brown, Noisy and chaotic.

Friday is green, Quiet and calm.

Saturday is blue, all cruisy and delightful

Sunday is pink, all cheery and happy .

Friday, May 09, 2014

Commas Game

On our writing symbaloo we have 5 games to improve our writing skills. I choose the game Going to work with commas. I choose this games becuase I normally just keep putting ands instead of commas. Its not too challenging but I did find it fun. The worst thing about it is that on about the first 3 it tells you where to go and it not as challenging. I give this game 4 stars because it would be 5 if it did not tell me. I reckon this game is based around 7-10 year olds. I think I learnt not to put to many and's in because I have a habit of putting ands and even more ands one after each other for thing to get of do.

Link to the game.

Extraterrestrial Search Parsons Vocabulary

WALT build our vocabulary

Text: Extraterrestrial Search                          Author: Sharron Parsons

Word (and page number)
Sentence in the text
Meaning in my own words
1. Extraterrestrial P.4
2. Potentially P.4
3. Cosmonaut P.7
4. Velocity P.8
5. Metabolism P.14
6. Protoplanetary P.22
7. Civilisation P.26
8.Terrestrials P.29
9.Cylindrical P.29
10.Metallic P.31
1. We earthlings have been fascinated by the possibility of Extraterrestrial life
inhabiting neighbouring planets
2. Hundreds of the planets that could potentially support life have been discovered in our own galaxy
3. She was a parachutist before she trained as a cosmonaut
4.Spacecraft Velocity, about 8300 kilometers an hour.
5.Most like Earth also needs water, a range of temperatures in which in which it can survive, a mixture of gases it uses for its metabolism.
6. The scientific team there uses two powerful infrared optical telescopes to study fast-swirling dust and gas clouds called protoplanetary disks
7. One way to do this is to search for signal from other planetary civilisations.
8. Welcome to another episode of ETS, the online program  that invites Earths expert terrestrials.   
9. But he was unable to make out what exactly, the cylindrical object was.

10. He described these UFOs as metallic.

1. Extraterrestrial
from the outside of our earths atmosphere

2. It could be possible but yet certain

3.A cosmonaut is a person trained the a spaceflight program

4. The speed of something given a direction.

5.The chemical processes within organism in order to maintain life

6. The stage of a human of social development and organization which is most concerned most advanced.

7. A gathering, A place  of cultural activities

8. Something that has happened around the world

9.Having a form of cylinder.
10. Metallic is a form of colour